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Adam Jacobson

Associate, Research & Analysis

As Associate, Research & Analysis, Adam Jacobson provides research and writing on national security issues, and acts as assistant to the Vice President of the Research & Analysis department. Adam previously coordinated the activities of Human Rights First’s coalition of retired Generals and Admirals who advocate for U.S. counterterrorism policy to comply with the rule of law.

Before joining Human Rights First, Adam spearheaded the Generations Against Genocide division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which recruited the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors to raise awareness of and work against modern day genocide. He also coordinated the Wiesenthal Center’s advocacy at the United Nations.

Adam earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Mary Washington in 2006.

April 14, 2014
Lawyers for 9/11 defendant Ramzi Bin Al Shibh today asked military commissions judge Army Colonel James Pohl to stop the proceedings against him and other alleged 9/11 co-conspirators at Guantanamo...
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