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August 08, 2014
Communications Assistant/Writer
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s report on the CIA torture program is delayed yet again as the committee and Langley haggle over redactions. Senator Feinstein issued the following...
August 07, 2014
By Maddy Tennis This week, Human Rights First hosted a press call with five military and interrogation experts to discuss the Senate Intelligence Committee report on the post 9/11 CIA detention...
August 06, 2014
Communications Assistant/Writer
As members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence haggle with the administration over redactions to its landmark report on CIA torture, two powerful GOP Senators are taking a strong stand in...
August 06, 2014
Director, Human Rights Promotion
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This is a cross post from The Huffington Post: If the United States really wants to see human rights and democracy take root and flourish in the Arab region there is at least one thing it can...
August 06, 2014
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By Maddy Tennis Boko Haram, a jihadist insurgency group based in Nigeria, attacked the home of Ali Amadou, Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister, in the northern Cameroonian town of Kolofata last Sunday...
August 05, 2014
By Sophie Kasakove July 30th marked the first ever UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons by calling on the international community to end impunity for perpetrators and help victims. The...
August 05, 2014
Communications Assistant/Writer
The truth on torture is coming with the imminent release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s landmark report on the use of CIA “enhanced interrogation techniques” during the Bush Administration....
August 04, 2014
Vice President, Communications
Top News CIA Torture Report On Friday, the Obama Administration sent the Senate intelligence committee its response to key portions of the committee’s 6,300-plus page CIA torture report. The...
August 01, 2014
By Heather Brandon Yesterday, details emerged about the tactics used by the CIA to inappropriately access a computer network used by the Senate Intelligence Committee during its review of the CIA’...
July 30, 2014
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By Jannat Majeed As the first parliamentary elections since Egyptian President Sisi was elected loom closer, the Egyptian government has put various restrictions on civil society in place. ...



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    The new Defense Secretary should prioritize human rights issues, they are key to national security http://t.co/44c1sKbxPm

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