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April 06, 2015
Vice President, Communications
Top News President Obama to Jamaica On Thursday, President Obama will travel to Jamaica en route to participate in the Summit of the Americas in Panama. President Obama’s visit to meet with...
April 03, 2015
Assistant, National Security Campaign
Today marks one-year since the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence voted to declassify and release the executive summary of its report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program–...
April 03, 2015
Senior Media Relations Associate
In a contributed piece for the New York Times, Maurie McInnis describes how the transatlantic slave trade built and shaped the American economy. She describes how the business of slavery was...
April 03, 2015
Associate, Human Trafficking & LGBT Rights​
Thai Union Frozen Products, Thailand's largest seafood company, has announced that it will sever ties with one of its suppliers because of its forced labor practices. The decision follows an...
April 02, 2015
Communications Assistant/Writer
Six months ago Human Rights First’s Lori Adams testified before the New York City Council Committee on Immigration as it instituted a program to ensure all unaccompanied minors who recently ran from...
April 01, 2015
Director, Refugee Protection
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U.S. faith leaders and the American Bar Association are calling on the Obama administration to end its detention of families and other deterrence-based detention practices aimed at Central American...
March 31, 2015
Advocacy Counsel, LGBT Rights
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Kaspars Zalitis, Co-Chair of EuroPride 2015 in Riga, Latvia and board member of MOZAIKA. In his words: "At the moment one of our greatest challenges is to organize Riga's first ever pan-...
March 30, 2015
Vice President, Communications
Top News Americans Support Refugee Protection This morning, Politico’s "Morning Score" featured a Human Rights First poll that reveals American voters favor candidates who support reforms that...
March 30, 2015
Related Campaigns & Topics
By Erica Qualliotine An estimated 10 million people in the world are stateless. One third are children. When people do not legally exist, they are far more susceptible to trafficking, forced...
March 27, 2015
Research Associate
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The Netherlands is reportedly considering a request from the United States to take in two Guantanamo Bay detainees. They would be the first people transferred from Guantanamo since January 14th, when...



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    Why you should be wary of statistics on 'modern slavery' and 'trafficking' http://t.co/0CohFIPZLm

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