On human rights, the United States must be a beacon. America is strongest when our policies and actions match our values.More
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The Senate Intelligence Committee has completed a landmark 6,000-page report detailing its investigation of the CIA’s post-9/11 interrogation program. It reportedly debunks the claim that torture was necessary to save American lives. But Americans can’t read the report unless the Committee votes to make it public, and the CIA is fighting to keep it secret. We’re pressing President Obama and the Senate to release the report so that an essential national reckoning can begin. Photo: AP.

The continued detention of prisoners without charge at Guantanamo undermines our national security and is a recruiting bonanza for our enemies. We’ve joined forces with a group of retired generals and admirals; together we are pressing President Obama to deliver on his promise to shut down the prison. Our Blueprint on How to Close Guantanamo is a detailed roadmap for how to get there. Photo: AP.

The infamous antigay law signed by President Vladimir Putin, along with discriminatory laws at the local level, create a permissive environment for violent hate crime against sexual minorities in Russia. In advance of the Sochi Olympics, we pressed the Obama administration to do more to protect LGBT Russians from persecution; now that the Games are over, we’ll be keeping the spotlight on and working for change. Photo: AP.

Human trafficking has claimed an estimated 20 million-plus victims worldwide—with more than 800,000 victims enslaved each year. And yet, despite significant anti-trafficking efforts over the past decade, the number of modern-day slaves seems only to be growing. We are attacking the scourge of modern-day slavery by providing the U.S. government and other leaders with the tools they need to disrupt the criminals, networks, mafias and gangs that make more than $150 billion a year by exploiting other human beings.