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2011 Human Rights Award Dinner

October 26, 2011 - 8:00pm

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Host Brian Williams, Anchor and Managing Editor, NBC Nightly News

Special Guests Academy Award-winning Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Good Wife's Josh Charles Presenting The Sidney Lumet Award for Integrity in Entertainment to CBS's The Good Wife

Honoring Human Rights Activists Basem Fathy of Egypt and Shehrbano Taseer of Pakistan

Dinner Chairs Andi and Tom A. Bernstein | Robbie and Brad Karp | Alberto Mora and Susan Talalay | Michael K. Rozen | William D. Zabel and Deborah Miller

Elisa Massimino's Remarks

Brian Williams Presents Shehrbano Taseer The 2011 Human Rights Award

Shehrbano Taseer, daughter of the late Pakistani Governor Salmaan Taseer—a reformer who was murdered by his own security guard for speaking out against the misuse of Pakistan's blasphemy laws—is carrying out her father's legacy of tolerance in a dangerous environment. Despite death threats, Taseer speaks out publicly against discriminatory laws that target religious minorities and has openly criticized those who glorify her father's murderer. A recent graduate of Smith College, Taseer is a journalist with Newsweek Pakistan and devotes her energies to educating people about the dangers of intolerance. In the face of ongoing fears for her own safety and the security of her family, she fights to promote freedom, dignity, justice, and fairness. Taseer has been characterized as "one of the bravest women in today's Pakistan."

Shehrbano Taseer: Promoting Tolerance in Pakistan

Philip Seymour Hoffman Presents The Sidney Lumet Award to CBS's The Good Wife

Human Rights First's Sidney Lumet Award for Integrity in Entertainment honors those who raise awareness about human rights and advance popular understanding of the most pre ssing political and social issues of our time. Popular culture has the potential to move and educate millions of people. We honor those who use that power not just to entertain, but to inform, advocate, and inspire. In its inaugural year, we present the Sidney Lumet Award for Integrity in Entertainment to CBS's The Good Wife for its thoughtful exploration of timely human rights issues, including internet freedom and privacy, political asylum, torture, and human rights in China.

Josh Charles Presents Basem Fathy The 2011 Human Rights Award

Activist Basem Fathy has dedicated his life to promoting political freedom in Egypt. Braving multiple detentions by the Mubarak regime, he co-founded the April 6 Youth Movement, a group of activists who used Facebook and SMS texting to organize protests in 2008 that became a precursor to the uprising this year. When he and his fellow Egyptians made history by occupying Cairo's Tahrir Square in January, Fathy helped coordinate logistics—providing food and tents, shields to protect protesters from attack by security forces, and vinegar to relieve the effects of tear gas. Today, Fathy works in Cairo as a project consultant for international organizations, serves as a board member of the Egyptian Democratic Academy, and is the executive editor-in-chief for an independent radio station.

Basem Fathy: Working for Democracy in Egypt