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2008 Hate Crime Survey: U.S.A.

Hate Crime in the United States


Executive Summary

I. Violent Hate Crimes on the Rise

Hate Crime in California

II. Violence Based on Racism and Xenophobia

A. Hate Crimes Targeting Black Americans

Murder and Attempted Murder

Hangman's Nooses and Burning Crosses

Threats and Violence at Home and in the Workplace

B. Violence Targeting Hispanic/Latino Communities

Murder and Serious Assault

Threats and Assaults on Families, Laborers, and Businesses

The Context of Racist Anti-Immigrant Discourse

C. Violence Targeting People of Asian Origin

III. Violence Based on Religious Bias

A. Antisemitic Violence

Serious Assaults, Threats, and Harassment

Attacks on Places of Worship and Cemeteries

Violence at Schools and Universities

B. Violence Against Muslims

Personal Assaults

Attacks on Places of Worship

Attacks on Muslim-owned Business Establishments

C. Violence against Christians

Physical Assaults and Murder

Church Vandalism, Arson, and Desecration

IV. Violence Based on Sexual Orientation Bias

Murder and Serious Assault

Violence Based on Gender and Gender Identity

Harassment and Threats

V. Violence Based on Disability Bias

Murder and Serious Assault

VI. The Framework of Law

A. Federal Hate Crime Provisions

B. The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act

VII. Monitoring Violent Hate Crimes

A. Coverage of the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports

B. Distinguishing Racial Bias and Ethnicity/National Origin Bias

C. The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)

VIII. Recommendations

A. Strengthen Federal Law and Support for Local Law Enforcement

B. Improve Monitoring and Data Collection

C. Expand Efforts to Prevent Hate Crimes and Encourage Reporting to the Police

Section Endnotes