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The Case to Close Guantanamo

Even after President Obama’s pledge on his second day in office to close the prison at Guantánamo Bay, it remains open – a grim reminder of the abuses committed in the “War on Terror.” While politicians squabble over the usefulness of the prison, it continues to be a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda while costing the United States credibility abroad and massive amounts of money to maintain. Military experts agree that it must be closed. The military commissions system at Guantánamo has failed—it is both constitutionally defective and ineffective. Commissions have convicted only seven terrorists since 9/11, while federal courts have convicted nearly 500 terrorists safely and effectively in that same time. Congress has succeeded in obstructing the closure of Guantánamo. Help us urge them to listen to the facts, and the experts, and close Guantánamo today. Learn more about the defective Military Commissions at Guantánamo.

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