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HRF's Coalition of Military Leaders at the White House

With your help, the United States is on its way to putting an end to policies of torture and official cruelty. In January 2009, President Obama signed executive orders banning torture and closing Guantanamo. HRF's coalition of retired military leaders met with the President just prior and stood behind him as he signed the orders. Continuing this work, HRF is now focusing on making sure that Guantanamo is closed promptly and safely. Read more about our Protecting America Post-Guantanamo campaign. signing Retired military leaders join President Obama for signing of Executive Orders. (Click to enlarge image) Read the Executive Orders: on Guantanamo, detention policy, interrogation policy, and the al-Marri case Read HRF's press release and the military leaders' statement Read the NYTimes article and watch the signing on the BBC Read about the coalition in the New York Times and the Salt Lake Tribune, and how White House Counsel Greg Craig describes their role in the New Yorker Read more about HRF's advocacy with the new administration Download our press conference (MP3) | Read the transcript (PDF)

Watch video of President-elect Obama speaking against the use of torture by Americans:


Watch retired U.S. military officers speak out against torture: