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June 21, 2012

Elisa Massimino at Council on Foreign Relations Roundtable

Elisa Massimino spoke at The Global Stakes in Human Rights Roundtable Series at the Council of Foreign Relations on the topic of Tackling Atrocity Enablers. This roundtable series examines “the tangible interests of the United States and international community in promoting political, civil, economic, and labor rights” by bringing together regular participants of diverse sectors and ideological positions.

Yesterday’s roundtable conversations led by Massimino focused on understanding the opportunities and challenges of tracing, disrupting and holding accountable “enablers”, those actors- countries, companies and individuals- who provide the material resources that perpetrators rely on to commit their crimes. This topic included an exploration of the concrete steps that Human Rights First is taking to highlight the role of enablers in mass atrocities along with an examination of the ways the United States government, through its new Atrocity Prevention Board, can adopt the enabler strategy as a key tool that can be used in the critical time between diplomacy and military intervention.

Participants included members of the human rights NGO community, U.S. government officials, academics and analysts.

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