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Factsheet | December 10, 2015
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Refugees to the United States are more stringently screened and vetted than any other group allowed to enter the country. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees first registers refugees,...
| December 09, 2015
In our world of increased globalization and worldwide movement of goods and capital, companies can face legal liability if they fail to guard against human trafficking not just in their direct...
Issue Brief | December 09, 2015
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The recent introduction of special operation forces into Syria1 and the string of attacks in California, France, Lebanon, Mali, and elsewhere have led to renewed calls for Congress to pass an...
Report | December 09, 2015
This presentation contains results from two surveys: •2,023 American Adults   Conducted November 12-19, 2015 •2,016 American Adults  Conducted November 19-23, 2015 These surveys...
Issue Brief | December 04, 2015
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Vetting, Security and Fraud Screening in Asylum Process In the aftermath of World War II, the United States was a leader in building an international system for the protection of refugees, to...
Factsheet | December 02, 2015
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Golden Dawn remains popular, even after revelations about its Nazi ideology, an active trial for members’ alleged roles in two murders and dozens of racist and other assaults, as well as attacks...
Factsheet | December 02, 2015
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The Obama Administration can take the following steps now to combat the rise of hate parties in Greece and the erosion of democratic norms and standards: To President Obama and the National...
Factsheet | December 01, 2015
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American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act Would Bring Resettlement of Iraqi and Syrian Refugees to a Standstill Bill Would Also Abandon Iraqis who worked with the United States H.R....