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Letter | December 17, 2013
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Human Rights First sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to reject reported proposals to transfer a Russian national detained in Afghanistan to the United States for...
Testimony | December 11, 2013
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In a statement submitted to the House Judiciary Committee, which convened a hearing on alleged abuses of the asylum system at the United States-Mexico border, Human Rights First urged Congress to...
Blueprint | December 03, 2013
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Blueprint for U.S. Government Policy  Human Rights First issued a new blueprint for U.S. government policy in Egypt detailing steps the United States should take to help arrest Egypt’s...
Letter | December 02, 2013
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Human Rights First and a coalition of eight additional national organizations are pressing President Obama to provide more information about the U.S. drone war, particularly outside of Afghanistan....
Report | November 26, 2013
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In 2004, State Duma parliamentarian Alexander Chuev reintroduced a bill to ban “homosexual propaganda.” On the same day, the Duma received a statement opposing the bill. It was sent by the Prime...
Report | November 25, 2013
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ODIHR's Hate Crime Report for 2012 Reveals: States Continue to Fall Short in Implementation of OSCE Commitments Download
Opinions | November 21, 2013
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Op-ed by Brian Dooley. On Tuesday, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs held its first hearings on Bahrain since the large scale pro-democracy protests there in early 2011. The Senate Foreign...