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Letter | February 07, 2013
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Coalition letter to Congress members providing recommendations to reform the U.S. asylum system as part of immigration reform. Download
Letter | February 07, 2013
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Letter To the Obama Administration from 80 organizations, 82 law professors, in support of recommendations on asylum for immigration reform. Download
Opinions | February 06, 2013
Op-ed by Elisa Massimino. It’s been four years since President Barack Obama signed an executive order banning torture and eight years since the CIA shelved the torture techniques euphemistically...
Opinions | February 05, 2013
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Op-ed by C. Dixon Osburn. John Brennan has said U.S. drone policy is "establishing precedents that other nations may follow, and not all of them [read China, Russia, Iran] will be nations that...
Testimony | February 04, 2013
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In a statement submitted to the House Judiciary Committee, Human Rights First’s Eleanor Acer reminded Congress that part of immigration reform must address a key U.S. interest: protection for of...
Opinions | February 02, 2013
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Op-ed by Diana Sayed. Women activists have protested all over the world against sexual violence in Egypt. The protests, which took place in front of Egyptian embassies in 20 capitals worldwide and...
Podcast | January 25, 2013
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On this edition of Firstcast we’ll discuss the current state of affairs in the ongoing Pussy Riot case and the growing persecution of the LGBT community in Russia. The Pussy Riot case sheds a...
Letter | January 24, 2013
Twelve of the nation’s most respected former interrogators sent a public letter to members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence urging them to question CIA Director Nominee John Brennan...