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Podcast | June 05, 2013
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As victims of violence and persecution, refugees come to the United States to seek safety. But all too often they arrive traumatized, unaware of the complexities of the U.S. legal system including...
Video | June 04, 2013
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President Obama recently delivered a major counterterrorism speech at the National Defense University in which he pledged to renew efforts to close Guantanamo, increase oversight and transparency of...
Letter | June 03, 2013
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The Association of Pro Bono Counsel urges the Senate enhance the ability of immigrants to access pro bono legal services as part of immigration reform. Download
Opinions | May 28, 2013
Op-ed by Lieutenant General Charles Otstott, USA (Ret.) and Major General Paul D. Eaton, USA (Ret.) The Senate Armed Services Committee held an important, under-discussed hearing recently....
Opinions | May 26, 2013
Op-ed by Retired Marines Generals Charles C. Krulak and Joseph P. Hoar Two years ago, a team of Navy Seals raided a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and killed Osama bin Laden. It was an...
Opinions | May 24, 2013
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Op-ed by Elisa Massimino. President Obama made important points in his recent speech on national security but none more important than this: “This war,” he said, referring to the armed conflict...
Opinions | May 24, 2013
Op-ed by Glenn Carle. On the second anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death, the Boston bombings remind us that we must continue to be vigilant in the face of terrorist threats. Vigilant, but not...
Podcast | May 21, 2013
Four years after President Obama signed an executive order to ban torture, we’re still debating whether it saved American lives. Why? Because the most authoritative record of the CIA’s post-9/11...