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Testimony | December 11, 2013
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In a statement submitted to the House Judiciary Committee, which convened a hearing on alleged abuses of the asylum system at the United States-Mexico border, Human Rights First urged Congress to...
Blueprint | December 03, 2013
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Blueprint for U.S. Government Policy  Human Rights First issued a new blueprint for U.S. government policy in Egypt detailing steps the United States should take to help arrest Egypt’s...
Letter | December 02, 2013
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Human Rights First and a coalition of eight additional national organizations are pressing President Obama to provide more information about the U.S. drone war, particularly outside of Afghanistan....
Report | November 26, 2013
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In 2004, State Duma parliamentarian Alexander Chuev reintroduced a bill to ban “homosexual propaganda.” On the same day, the Duma received a statement opposing the bill. It was sent by the Prime...
Report | November 25, 2013
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ODIHR's Hate Crime Report for 2012 Reveals: States Continue to Fall Short in Implementation of OSCE Commitments Download
Opinions | November 21, 2013
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Op-ed by Brian Dooley. On Tuesday, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs held its first hearings on Bahrain since the large scale pro-democracy protests there in early 2011. The Senate Foreign...
Report | November 21, 2013
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The Syrian conflict has provided the context for some of the world’s most extreme human rights abuses this year. The U.S. threat of force against President Assad this summer led to an international...