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April 09, 2015
It’s getting hard to keep track of the case against Elena Klimova and her organization, Children-404. The group’s name refers to the “page not found” Internet error code, signifying the...
April 07, 2015
A homophobic bill sailed through Kazakhstan’s legislature and awaits the president’s signature. Modeled after Russia’s propaganda law, the bill would outlaw the promotion of “non-traditional sexual...
April 06, 2015
Top News President Obama to Jamaica On Thursday, President Obama will travel to Jamaica en route to participate in the Summit of the Americas in Panama. President Obama’s visit to meet with...
April 03, 2015
Washington D.C. – Human Rights First today urged the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to press 2022 Winter Olympic Games contender Kazakhstan to protect the human rights of all of its citizens...
April 02, 2015
Washington, D.C. - Human Rights First today, along with a broad-based group of human rights organizations, urged President Obama to publicly raise concerns about the human rights of lesbian, gay...
March 31, 2015
Kaspars Zalitis, Co-Chair of EuroPride 2015 in Riga, Latvia and board member of MOZAIKA. In his words: "At the moment one of our greatest challenges is to organize Riga's first ever pan-...
March 25, 2015
In a rare victory for the human rights of LGBT Russians, the Dzerzhinsky District Court of Nizhny Tagil overturned the January 23rd conviction of Elena Klimova for "...


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May 5, 2015

Join Human Rights First for a reception in recognition of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia


The Honorable Alan Lowenthal (CA-47)

The Honorable David Cicilline (RI-1)

The Honorable Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27)


Letter | July 20, 2015
July 20, 2015 President Barack Obama The White House Dear President Obama: I am writing to urge that you make protection of human rights a central feature of your upcoming visit to Kenya....
Report | July 09, 2015
Advancing the Human Rights of LGBT People in Jamaica Executive Summary Human Rights First traveled to Jamaica in March 2015 and interviewed members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and...
Infographic | June 30, 2015
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Factsheet | May 20, 2015
The government of Hungary can advance human rights and democracy, and improve relations with the U.S. and Europe, by bringing its 2011 Constitution and Fundamental Laws into compliance with...

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