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Dimitri Roberts

SevenStar Inc.
Chicago, IL

Dimitri Roberts is the Founder and CEO of SevenStar Inc., a firm that provides innovative solutions for Criminal Justice Reform, National Security and Veteran Affairs. He is a dedicated National Security and Law Enforcement thought leader passionate about developing innovative solutions to reform the U.S. Criminal Justice System and Law Enforcement Operations. Prior to working in the private sector, Dimitri served ten years in law enforcement as a Police Officer with the Chicago Police Department with Federal Agency assignments to include the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the U.S. Secret Service. Dimitri is a retired Navy combat veteran with multiple overseas deployments. In his 20 years he served on assignments to the Pentagon, Joint Special Operations Command, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Dimitri attended Georgetown University and is a leading intellectual voice and current Law Enforcement Analyst for CNN, FOX, and CBS.