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Fiona Tomlin

Pennoyer Fellow/Researcher & Advocate

As a Pennoyer Fellow, Fiona supports Human Rights First as a researcher and advocate on the Veterans for American Ideals project. In this role, Fiona works to amplify veterans’ voices in the fight for the rights of all Americans, as well as for vulnerable populations around the globe.

Fiona received her B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Saint Joseph’s University, with a concentration in Justice, Ethics & the Law. Her studies included a semester in Belgium where she worked for a Danish member of European Parliament in Brussels, while studying Comparative European Politics in Leuven. A member of Pi Sigma Alpha, Fiona’s thesis focused on U.S. immigration policy and its impact on national identity. While at SJU, she co-founded and led a student organization, Hawks for Heroes, with the goal of bridging the civilian-military divide on campus. A proud daughter of an active-duty U.S. Navy Captain, Fiona’s interest in veteran advocacy has led her to roles at Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America as well as the Travis Manion Foundation, where she worked to support and empower veterans and families of fallen service members.

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