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March 25, 2022
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By Brian Dooley   Aliev Alim is a leading Crimean Tatar Human Rights Defender, and he told Human Rights First what could happen should Russian forces take control of more areas of Ukraine....
March 24, 2022
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By Mike Breen and Mike Abramowitz In recent weeks, the world has once again been confronted with the horrifying reality of war and witnessed shocking crimes in Ukraine. Searing images – like the...
March 24, 2022
By Brian Dooley Liana Georgi is an activist with the Safe Bow organization, which helps people from marginalized groups fleeing to safety from Ukraine. It was founded by ...
March 23, 2022
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Human Rights Defender Mila Yankina of ZMINA is volunteering as a medic in Kyiv. Our Senior Advisor Brian Dooley brought flak jackets to Ukraine for her this week.   By Brian...
March 22, 2022
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By Brian Dooley When Russian troops invaded Ukraine, 38-year old Marek had just passed his driving test. He is from eastern Poland, and wanted to help with the humanitarian crisis of people...
March 21, 2022
By Brian Dooley  Set up in 2014, Ukrainian human rights organization Truth Hounds has built an international reputation for its superb work in documenting war crimes in the eastern...
March 20, 2022
By Brian Dooley Ksenja is a 24 year-old pediatric doctor in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. She told Human Rights First that after a brief respite in the west of the country, today she’s on her way back...
March 19, 2022
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By Brian Dooley Lviv's magnificent old railway station in Ukraine is one of those Art Nouveau classics of eastern Europe. It survived a couple of world wars, Nazi and Soviet occupations, and the...
February 27, 2022
Senior Advisor
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The U.S. State Department assures us that “The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to putting human rights and democratic principles at the center of our foreign policy,” and it has issued new...
February 25, 2022
Miami Law Human Rights Program Accountability Fellow
Director for Accountability
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Human Rights First has called for the United States and other governments to immediately impose targeted Global Magnitsky sanctions on corrupt and abusive Russian officials.   Doing so would...



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