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November 20, 2017
Pennoyer Fellow/Researcher & Advocate
Last week Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018. President Trump is expected to sign the bill into law within ten days. The bill authorizes 3,500 Afghan...
November 17, 2017
Senior Researcher and Advocate, Refugee Protection
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Last week, I was in federal court for the Western District of Texas to observe criminal proceedings against individuals charged with violating section 1325 of the United States Code, a...
November 15, 2017
Chubb-Penn Rule of Law & Human Rights Fellow
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Last week, I traveled to Guantanamo Bay to observe proceedings in the case of accused USS Cole bomber Abd al Rahim al Nashiri. What should have been a relatively straightforward week of prosecution...
November 09, 2017
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By Sara Sirota Last week in the federal court trial of Ahmed Abu Khattala, alleged mastermind of the 2012 Benghazi attacks, prosecutors questioned the FBI agent who interrogated him and the Arabic...
November 08, 2017
Senior Director, Refugee Protection
This content originally appeared in the Huffington Post On Wednesday, the Senate Homeland Security Committee will have the opportunity to question Kirstjen Nielson, President Trump’s nominee for...
November 08, 2017
Vice President, Advocacy
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One year ago today, Donald Trump was elected president. For those who believe that American leadership is essential in the global struggle for human rights, these are challenging times. But...
November 08, 2017
Harvard Public Service Venture Fund Redstone Fellow
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As the Trump Administration attempts yet again to block Muslim refugees from entering this country, the world’s most vulnerable continue to wait in legal limbo. As soon as this week, a federal court...
November 07, 2017
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By Saadia Khan I recently observed the third week of the trial for Ahmed Abu Khattala, and the defense team conducted their cross-examination of the prosecution's witness. Khattala is the...
November 07, 2017
Assistant, Human Trafficking
Earlier this month, Houston’s Mayor signed an executive order to implement a zero tolerance policy for human trafficking in city service contracts and purchasing. The order calls on contractors to...
November 06, 2017
Equal Justice Works Fellow
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On October 24, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ordered the federal government to refrain from blocking Jane Doe, a pregnant 17-year-old who fled her home...



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