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January 15, 2002
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New Human Rights First Report Outlines Barriers Facing Refugee Women who Seek Asylum in the U.S. Difficulties Facing These Women and Other Refugees Will Likely Increase as Immigration...
December 21, 2001
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Refugee Resettlement Slowly Resumes At House Hearings, Professor Argues Asylum-Seekers Need Not be Detained After a hiatus of nearly three months, the U.S. refugee...
November 27, 2001
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President Sets Refugee Resettlement Ceiling at 70,000 for FY2002 State Department Issues New Security Procedures No Word on When Refugees Will...
November 14, 2001
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Refugee Resettlement in the United States Blocked, Stranding 22,000 Refugees Only the President's Signature is Needed to Lift the Moratorium The U.S. government has...
October 31, 2001
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Refugees blocked from entering the United States; quota to be cut Since September 11, the flow of refugees into the United States has virtually stopped, blocking as many as 20,000...



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    RT : In half the facilities toured, transgender women were detained with men, which is incredibly unsafe. Further eviden… https://t.co/fnvxG10OIH

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