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August 11, 2004
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DHS Announces Expansion of Expedited Removal to Border Areas Border Patrol Officers Given Power to Order Deportations – Decision Further Undermines Fairness; Puts Refugees at Risk The Department...
June 18, 2004
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World Refugee Day - June 20, 2004: Urge Department of Homeland Security to Release Pastor's Wife and Make Needed Changes to Detention System Urge Secretary Ridge to Release Mrs. E and Ensure Fair...
April 28, 2004
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High-Level Refugee Protection Official Needed in Department of Homeland Security Cameroonian Asylum Seeker Detained Ed.'s Note: “Newsletter 27 narrated the difficulties faced by a Cameroonian...
April 05, 2004
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Detention of Asylum Seekers - A Step Forward, a Step Back DHS - ICE Issues Guidance Confirming that Asylum Seekers Who are Granted Asylum Should Generally Not be Detained; Also Announces Expansion of...
March 19, 2004
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Viktor and Oleksiy Released! Continued Action Needed in Support of Detained Asylum Seekers Take Action Now! Write Ridge to Improve Detention Policies for Asylum Seekers! On Monday...
March 02, 2004
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US Turning Back Haitians Who Flee By Boat Aristide Leaves Haiti, International Force Expected Take Action Now! Urge Bush Administration to Improve Treatment of Haitians: http://action....
January 30, 2004
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Tibetan Nun Detained in Virginia Jail Denied Parole Again New Report and People Around the Country Urge Secretary Ridge to Make Changes to Asylum Detention System Take Action Now! Urge US...
January 03, 2004
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Briefing Deadline Approaching on Leading Gender-based Asylum Case Attorney General to rule after filing of briefs Wide range of organizations support asylum for women who flee gender-based...
December 11, 2003
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Court TV Film, Inspired by Human Rights First Case, Shines a Light on U.S. Detention of Asylum Seekers Screenings around the Country in December and January Film Airs January 19, 24, 27 and Feb. 22...
November 05, 2003
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Asylum Seekers Protest Detention with Hunger-Strike: Complaints Included Length of Detention, Unfair DHS Parole Policies, and Jail-like Conditions Take Action Now! Asylum seekers at the...



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