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October 15, 2003
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New DHS Initiatives Impact Asylum Seekers and Detention Human Rights First Releases Report on US Law and Security Take Action Now! A series of recent Department of Homeland...
July 28, 2003
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Cubans on Floating Truck Returned to Cuba by U.S. U.S. Should Change Its Interdiction Practices Take Action Now! Pictures of the 1951 Chevy pickup truck converted into a make-shift boat...
July 10, 2003
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Refugee Resettlement at Record Low Take Action Now! The U.S. has resettled only 17,439 refugees this year. If the U.S. does not dramatically improve the pace of its refugee...
June 17, 2003
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Refugees Seeking Asylum Suffer Behind Bars: Groundbreaking Medical Study Documents Harm Suffered by Detained Asylum Seekers Take Action! Human Rights First joins Physicians for Human...
May 15, 2003
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Operation Liberty Shield Quietly Terminated Future of Detained Asylum Seekers Still Unclear "Operation Liberty Shield," including its provision regarding the detention of asylum...
May 07, 2003
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Update: Refugee Women Still at Risk Urge Secretary Ridge and Attorney General Ashcroft to Refrain from Limiting Asylum for Women who Fear Gender-related Persecution; Urge Ashcroft to Rule in Favor...
April 28, 2003
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Attorney General Ashcroft Calls for Blanket Detentions of Haitian Asylum Seekers New Precedent Decision Portrays Haitians as Risks to National Security Take Action on this Issue Now! The Attorney...
March 19, 2003
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Department of Homeland Security Targets Asylum Seekers for Detention First Major Asylum Initiative by DHS; Nationals of Iraq and Other Countries Will Likely be Detained for the...
February 20, 2003
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Refugee Women at Risk: Proposed Justice Department Regulations would Eliminate Gender-Based Violence as a Basis for Obtaining Asylum in the U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft is reportedly...
November 08, 2002
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Haitian Asylum Seekers Selectively Targeted by US Detention and Interdiction Policies U.S. Government Must Change Discriminatory Policies On October 29, 2002 more than 200 Haitian men, women and...



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