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December 21, 2001
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Refugee Resettlement Slowly Resumes At House Hearings, Professor Argues Asylum-Seekers Need Not be Detained After a hiatus of nearly three months, the U.S. refugee...
November 27, 2001
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President Sets Refugee Resettlement Ceiling at 70,000 for FY2002 State Department Issues New Security Procedures No Word on When Refugees Will...
November 14, 2001
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Refugee Resettlement in the United States Blocked, Stranding 22,000 Refugees Only the President's Signature is Needed to Lift the Moratorium The U.S. government has...
October 31, 2001
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Refugees blocked from entering the United States; quota to be cut Since September 11, the flow of refugees into the United States has virtually stopped, blocking as many as 20,000...



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