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Never Torture

There is no debate on torture. It’s illegal. It’s ineffective. It’s wrong.

Torture Should Not be Up for Debate

Torture makes America less safe. But you wouldn’t know that from the politicized rhetoric of this campaign season. So we teamed up with interrogators, generals and admirals, and top conservative thinkers to call on candidates to reject torture. We’re determined not to let hyperbolic statements diminish the bipartisan consensus against torture.


  • Opposition to torture goes back to the founding of the United States.
  • Our founders, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson rejected the use of torture as anathema to the new United States.
  • After World War II, the United States convicted Japanese soldiers who had tortured prisoners of war.
  • In 1988 Ronald Reagan pressed the Senate to ratify the Convention Against Torture, stating that the United States must “bring an end to the abhorrent practice of torture.”
  • Following graphic depictions of torture by U.S. personnel, in 2005 Congress voted 90-9 in favor of the Detainee Treatment Act, which banned torture and limited lawful interrogation to techniques listed in the Army Field Manual.
  • In an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote in 2015, 78 senators voted in support of landmark anti-torture legislation that reinforces the United States’ ban on torture, including waterboarding.

Learn More About Torture

Interrogators against Torture

Interrogators from the military, CIA, and FBI all agree that torture is counterproductive.

Military Leaders against Torture

As leaders who have spent their lives protecting this nation, former generals and admirals know firsthand that the country’s ideals are a national security asset.

Bipartisan Voices against Torture

Torture is not a partisan issue. Hear from leaders across the political spectrum who know that torture is not debatable.

Facts on Torture

Myth: torture works. Fact: torture is counterproductive, illegal, and immoral. See more frequently asked questions about torture.

Legislation against Torture

Last year, in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, Congress strengthened the ban against torture. Learn more about the legislation.

Torture in the News

From The New York Times to CNN, see what interrogators, generals and admirals, advocates, and policymakers have to say about the use of torture.