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Refugees Define America


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Q. How many refugees has the United States resettled?

A. Since 1945, approximately five million refugees have resettled in the United States from 70 countries

Q. When did the United States start accepting refugees?

A. The term refugee wasn’t defined until the mid-twentieth century, but their predecessors have been coming to American shores since the pilgrims fled religious persecution centuries prior. Legalization of refugee admissions began on December 22,1945, when President Harry S. Truman allowed for 40,000 refugees from Europe to come to the United States.

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Latest News and Press Releases

June 06, 2016 New York City—The State Department today released its official resettlement numbers for May, indicating that eight months into the fiscal year it has resettled a total of only 2,805 Syrian refugees,...
Public Radio International | June 03, 2016



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As Legal Director, Hardy leads and oversees management of the organization’s legal initiatives—including its pro bono legal representation, amicus brief, and legal outreach efforts...