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Syrian refugees are more thoroughly vetted than any group allowed to come to the United States. Human Rights First’s Eleanor Acer gives us the run down.

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Q. Should we be worried a terrorist can get into the United States through the resettlement program by pretending to be a refugee?

A. Refugees must pass through a series of security screenings, including biographic and biometric checks, to ensure they do not pose a security risk. Information confirming a refugee’s identity is checked against law enforcement, intelligence community, and other databases, including the National Counterterrorism Center, Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of State, and Department of Homeland Security databases...

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January 10, 2018 New York City—Human Rights First today urged Congress to reject the "Securing America's Future Act" introduced today by Representatives Goodlatte, Labrador, McCaul, and McSally, which would hurt...



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As the Director of National Security Outreach, Scott Cooper is Human Rights First’s chief ambassador to the national security community...

As the director of Human Rights First’s Refugee Protection program, Eleanor Acer oversees Human Rights First’s research and advocacy on issues relating to refugee protection, asylum, and migrants’...