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Advocate for Access to Asylum on the Hill

March 21, 2017 - 9:00am

Access to asylum is under threat. Trump’s executive orders on immigration target refugees and asylum seekers, stripping them of access to protections and due process rights. We need Congress to step in and ensure that legitimate asylum seekers are not turned away. You are essential to this effort. Join us for advocacy trainings and meetings on the Hill with members of Congress.

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  • President Trump's immigration-focused executive orders have placed access to asylum and asylum protections under threat;
  • The United States is at increased risk of turning away and denying asylum to legitimate asylum seekers;
  • Rallying advocates to join us for asylum advocacy days lets Congress know it needs to push back against the executive order and ensure the United States maintains protections for asylum seekers;
  • Lawyers, advocates, faith leaders, and everyday Americans have all personally experienced the importance of our country providing asylum to those fleeing persecution;
  • Policymakers need to hear from you as to why the United States must not jeopardize and undermine access to asylum.


Tuesday, March 21st and Wednesday, March 22nd

(Can participate in either or both days)


United States Congress, Washington, D.C.


Training—Learn about the threats to the U.S. asylum system, what Congress can do to protect it, and how you can advocate to members of Congress.

Meetings with members of Congress and their staff—We will set up meetings with key congressional offices over both days. You will have the opportunity to participate in multiple meetings with both House and Senate offices.


Human Rights First and our partners in the Asylum Working Group will set up meetings, prepare and conduct the trainings, provide relevant materials and talking points, and at least one expert will attend each meeting. 

We hope that you will consider volunteering.

For more information contact Jennifer Quigley at [email protected] or 202-370-3306



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