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Help Our Houston Clients Recover from Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey destroyed homes, communities, and livelihoods. Among those hit the hardest are the Houston refugees that we serve: men, women, and children who fled violence and trauma in their home countries, living in the United States with few resources and isolated from family and friends back home. In the aftermath of the hurricane, our clients are in desperate need of your help.

Many of our clients and their families had to abandon their homes and lost what few belongings they had. Others have been unable to leave their homes to get essential items like food and diapers.

Some, like Francisca,* will have to start all over. Francisca, a pregnant asylum seeker fleeing abuse in El Salvador, had to leave her home in Houston after it flooded and all her possessions were destroyed. She is living out of a hotel and has only been able to afford one meal a day. Flooded streets have prevented her from working and her only means of transportation was lost during the hurricane. 

Our team on the ground in Houston is doing everything they can do to help our clients in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We are checking in with every one of them to provide material and psychosocial help as needed.

Although Francisca, like all of our clients, is remarkably resilient, she will need help to recover and rebuild her life once again. You can be that help to her along the way. Your donation will ensure that the legal and social service needs of our clients like Francisca in the Houston area are met, and allow us to scale up our capacity to reach them. Stand with refugees in Houston by donating today.

*Name changed to protect client’s identity.


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