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February 02, 2011

Human Rights First Calls on President Obama to Address Growing Chaos in Egypt

Washington, DC – As Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak addressed the Egyptian people yesterday, he told them that they had to choose between “chaos and stability.” – a false choice that Human Rights First is urging President Obama to address.  “The suggestion that a leader who has provoked chaos and disorder in his country in order to cling to power could bring stability was improbable.  This morning, as gangs of thugs, some reportedly with police and state security IDs, attacked protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and elsewhere, President Mubarak’s words are exposed as completely without foundation,” noted Human Rights First’s Neil Hicks. “President Mubarak has committed another act of vandalism against his people and his country.”  According to Human Rights First, if President Mubarak continues to resist legitimate demands for basic rights and freedoms from his people, the United States should begin to exercise the influence it has in Egypt - especially through the security assistance it provides to the Egyptian military - to push for change. President Obama, for example, should re-enforce his demand that Egypt’s transition process should begin immediately by referring to the consequences that will follow if it does not. “The Obama administration must condemn the violent assault on peaceful protesters and demand that these attacks be stopped and those responsible for ordering them held accountable,” Hicks concluded.