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February 24, 2011

Secretary Clinton Should Lead Human Rights Council in Expelling Libya

Washington, DC – As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton travels to Geneva for Friday’s Human Rights Council gathering to discuss the uprising in Libya, Human Rights First is urging her to lead an effort to expel the rogue nation from the council. The group is also urging Secretary Clinton to work with her colleagues to push forward efforts to formally investigate human rights abuses that have occurred since the uprising began. Human Rights First’s Neil Hicks today issued the following statement: “Failure to expel Libya from the Human Rights Council will send a dangerous signal to oppressive governments around the world that the international community will not act to put an end to their crimes and embolden Colonel Gaddafi, who has unleashed violence and targeted killings in response to legitimate concerns of the nation’s people.. The United States should lead the call for Libya’s expulsion from the Human Rights Council and work closely with its allies to explore all steps necessary to bring this dangerous situation under control. It should also call for a formal investigation into the human rights abuses that are ongoing in Libya and seek accountability for those who ordered them.” In addition to seeking Secretary Clinton’s leadership at the Human Rights Council gathering in Geneva, Human Rights First has also called on the Obama Administration to:
  • Lead efforts to impose multilateral sanctions on the Libyan government through the United Nations.
  • Call for immediate enforcement of a no-fly zone over Libya and an arms embargo to the nation.
  • Impose targeted sanctions on Gaddafi, his family members and others now implicated in human rights abuses and possible crimes against humanity.
  • Support efforts to remove Libya from membership of the United Nations Human Rights Council and mobilize support from allies in Africa and Arab World at the United Nations General Assembly.
  • Issue a complete suspension of all U.S. exports to Libya except humanitarian and medical supplies.

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