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January 29, 2013

Secretary of State Kerry to Face Human Rights Challenges

Washington, DC – Human Rights First congratulates newly-confirmed Secretary of State John Kerry and looks forward to working with him as he champions the administration’s commitment of putting human rights at the center of its diplomacy. This afternoon, the Senate voted 94 to 3 in support of Sec. Kerry, making him the 68th Secretary of State.

“During Secretary Kerry’s confirmation hearing, he stated his commitment to robust U.S. leadership abroad rooted in the universal values of freedom,” said Human Rights First’s Robyn Lieberman. “He pledged to promote women’s rights, to advocate for religious freedom, and to implement counterterrorism policies that reflect American values. In the coming years we look forward to working with him to advance these issues, as well as other human rights concerns that were not addressed at his confirmation hearing. For example, he should focus attention on initiatives to protect LGBT individuals around the globe, to promote Internet freedom for all, and to engage civil society in U.S. policymaking. We also encourage him to maintain U.S. credibility as a leader in human rights by asking the hard questions not only in places like Iran and North Korea, but also in nations such as Bahrain and Egypt, where longstanding allegiances have been tested by popular uprisings.”

Human Rights First recently issued a series of blueprints containing practical steps lawmakers and administration officials can take to address some of the most pressing human rights issues in the world today. These documents offer specific recommendations for the Department of State.

For more information about Human Rights First’s blueprints or to speak with Lieberman, please contact Brenda Bowser Soder at[email protected] or 202-370-3323.