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December 17, 2014

What The Senate 'Torture Report' Means

This is a radio interview from On Point

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The explosive Senate “torture report” on harsh interrogation techniques years in the making is out. And it’s graphic and controversial.

We’re supposed to be the good guys. So what does it mean when a headline making Senate report — the so-called “torture report” – argues the CIA acted abominably in what it once did to Al Qaeda captives? Mock executions. Making one guy live inside a box. Forcing food into parts of the body not made for eating. Is that us? Did the times demand it? Or does the report — as its critics argue — get a lot of it wrong, possibly on purpose, for political reasons, at great cost to an agency on whose work we’re still going to depend — today — and tomorrow? This hour, On Point: What they call the Torture Report. Reading between the lines.