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Factsheet | May 13, 2021
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The Biden administration’s use of Title 42 to expel families and adults to extremely dangerous Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas, Mexico is contributing to already epidemic levels of violence and...
Letter | May 10, 2021
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Veterans for American Ideals (VFAI) led fifteen veteran-led organizations in a letter calling on President Biden to swiftly evacuate the over 17,000 Afghans in the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV)...
Factsheet | May 06, 2021
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Expedited processing of asylum requests at the border hinges on unfair and unrealistic expectations that people seeking asylum, who on arrival at the border are often detained, unrepresented,...
Factsheet | April 29, 2021
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As the Biden administration winds down the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), it has not yet included in this process asylum-seeking families and adults whose cases were unfairly denied, terminated...
Letter | April 27, 2021
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The undersigned organizations, from across the political spectrum and focusing on a wide range of issues, write to urge you to support S. 130/H.R. 657, the District of Columbia National Guard Home...
Report | April 20, 2021
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For more than a year, the U.S. government has misused public health authority to expel and block families, adults, and children seeking refuge at the southern border. Under pressure from Trump...
Letter | April 15, 2021
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Dear Attorney General Garland and Secretary Mayorkas: In the wake of recent reports that the Biden administration is considering systemic asylum reforms, we write to urge steps to create a...
Report | April 09, 2021
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The Biden Administration has inherited a large and growing backlog of asylum claims. As of September 2020, more than 386,000 applications were awaiting adjudication by the Asylum Division of U.S....