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Factsheet | May 10, 2019
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Download Since January 2019, the Trump Administration has forced more than four thousand Central Americans trying to request asylum at the southern border to return to Mexico. These men, women,...
Testimony | May 06, 2019
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Download Statement of Melissa Hooper Human Rights First Helsinki Commission Briefing on Hungary April 9, 2019 Since coming to power with a supermajority in 2010, the Fidesz party and...
Letter | May 02, 2019
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Download Dear Messrs. Chairmen and Ranking Members: We, the undersigned human rights, civil liberties, transparency, and faith-based organizations, write to urge you to strengthen oversight,...
Factsheet | April 29, 2019
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In 1996, Congress created an expedited removal process in which immigration officers may order the deportation of certain noncitizens charged as inadmissible without a full hearing. One component of...
Factsheet | April 29, 2019
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U.S. immigration law and regulations provide asylum seekers with work authorization documents, which allow them to accept employment after their asylum applications have been pending for at least 180...
Report | April 22, 2019
While President Trump reportedly demanded that former Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen resign over her failure to block all asylum seekers from entering the country, the United States...
| April 11, 2019
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Plaintiffs seek a finding of civil contempt against the Los Angeles Field Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE") for ongoing violations of the preliminary injunction in this case. In...
Blueprint | April 05, 2019
The Trump Administration has purposefully mismanaged the refugee and humanitarian challenges pushing people to flee political repression, human rights abuses, economic deprivation, and climate...