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Issue Brief | May 05, 2017
France’s presidential election is a potential turning point for Europe, which continues to reel from Britain’s decision to exit the European Union. Ethno-nationalist populism has been gaining ground...
Report | May 03, 2017
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The U.S. government is illegally turning away asylum seekers at official land crossings all along the southern border. Border agents must refer a person seeking asylum or expressing a fear of...
Factsheet | April 26, 2017
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The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17 NDAA) contains several provisions that make it very difficult to transfer detainees from Guantanamo Bay. These provisions even...
Factsheet | April 25, 2017
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Credible reports continue to suggest that Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant and senior counter-terrorism advisor to President Trump, has over the course of his career maintained ties to, and voiced...
Amicus Brief | April 24, 2017
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As President George Washington wrote to a religious minority community containing many immigrants in 1790, “the Government of the United States . . . gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution...
Factsheet | April 20, 2017
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Get the Facts: Crackdown on Gay and Bisexual Men in Chechnya Share on Facebook     Take Action     Donate Gay and Bisexual Men in Chechnya Under...
Letter | April 18, 2017
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Dear Ambassador Haley: I am writing to express alarm over the ongoing persecution of gay men in Chechnya, Russia, and to call for U.S. leadership at the United Nations in pressing for...
Report | April 12, 2017
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The information battle: How governments in the former Soviet Union promote their agendas and attack their opponents abroad Introduction There has already been much discussion in the Russia-...