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Amicus Brief | December 19, 2011
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Brief of Amici Curiae international human rights organizations and experts in support of plaintiffs-appellees. Download
Opinions | December 11, 2011
Op-ed by Retired Marines Generals Charles C. Krulak and Joseph P. Hoar. IN his inaugural address, President Obama called on us to “reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals...
Opinions | December 09, 2011
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Op-ed by Brigadier General Stephen N Xenakis, USA (Ret.). In 2004, the news that Americans had committed abuse and mistreatment in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo was shocking. Even more alarming,...
Report | December 04, 2011
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Around the world, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and others viewed as “foreign” have been the targets of violent attacks. Xenophobic, racist, and other forms of bias-motivated violence have a...
Opinions | November 28, 2011
Op-ed by Major General Paul D. Eaton, USA (Ret.). Recent efforts to militarize our justice system and reimpose the use of torture during interrogation are ill advised. They can only further erode...
Report | November 10, 2011
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Human Rights First submitted a Shadow Report to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in November 2011 for consideration in its summary of stakeholder submissions for Indonesia...
Audio | October 31, 2011
In this audio file we talked about the controversial National Defense Authorization Act, an annual defense bill  currently being considered by the Senate which has provisions that...
Opinions | October 26, 2011
Op-ed by Brigadier General David R. Irvine, USA (Ret.). Tucked into the sizable fiscal 2012 defense bill are stealth provisions that, taken together, represent the most radical change of...