On human rights, the United States must be a beacon. America is strongest when our policies and actions match our values.More
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Report | March 16, 2008
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Executive Summary An effective government response to violent hate crimes is difficult, if not impossible, without a clear picture of the extent of the problem, the types of offenses being...
Video | January 20, 2017
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The Human Rights Summit brings together activists and leaders from government, business, the military, and faith communities to discuss today’s most pressing human rights problems and challenges...
Factsheet | July 31, 2013
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Syrian rebels have accused the Assad regime of perpetrating a chemical weapons attack on civilians in a village outside Damascus. This attack - which is said to have killed upwards of ...
Video | November 22, 2016
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Right now the future seems uncertain. Given President-elect Donald Trump’s brash promises on the campaign trail, some fear that our most cherished ideals—human rights, the rule of law, protecting...
Factsheet | August 06, 2015
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All last week, a Human Rights First attorney and social worker visited the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas, where they provided legal and psychosocial assistance to families....
| February 13, 2019
On January 29, 2019, the Trump Administration began implementing its perversely dubbed “Migration Protection Protocols.” In reality, this policy is about denying—not providing—protection to refugees...
Factsheet | December 31, 2007
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Written in 2008 in response to the atrocities in Darfur, this guide outlines three innovative ideas to enhance the effectiveness of arms embargoes. Targeting parts of the arms supply chain, such as...
Report | January 22, 2020
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Since January 2019, the Trump Administration has forcibly returned thousands of asylum seekers to Mexico under a policy it absurdly dubbed as the “Migrant Protection Protocols” (MPP). Waiting months...