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Audio | October 18, 2011
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In this special edition of FirstCast, we feature the voices of two brave women who have been detained the longest in Bahrain in connection to the crackdown of pro-democracy advocates....
Testimony | March 06, 2019
Download Transparency International EU Frozen – How can the EU Fight Global Corruption Panel: Toward the Adoption of an EU-wide Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime March 06, 2019 Rob...
Transcript | December 09, 2014
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Moderator: Raha Wala, Senior Counsel for Defense and Intelligence, Human Rights First Speakers: Mark Fallon, Former NCIS Special Agent Brigadier General David Irvine (Ret...
Transcript | August 15, 2014
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Below is a shortened transcript of the August 14 media telebriefing featuring Human Rights First’s Tad Stahnke and Sonni Efron, co-authors of the new report “We’re not Nazis, but… The Rise of Hate...
Factsheet | August 20, 2018
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“We left our homes in Central America to escape corruption, threats, and violence. We thought this country would help us, but now we are locked up in a place where we feel threatened, including by...
Factsheet | September 17, 2019
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Download Trump Administration Delivers Asylum Seekers to Grave Danger in Mexico: 200+ Publicly Reported Cases of Rape, Kidnapping, and Assault Just the Tip of the Iceberg Since January 2019,...
Factsheet | October 12, 2017
On October 8, 2017, the Trump Administration released a set of “Immigration Policy Priorities,”—a list of demands to be included in legislation that would address the status of young adults...
Report | September 13, 2019
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Download The Trump Administration’s third-country transit asylum bar, issued as an interim final rule on July 16, 2019, effectively bans asylum for the vast majority of refugees seeking protection...