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Senate Report on CIA Torture

Abu Ja’far al-Iraqi

Abu Jafar al-Iraqi was subjected to torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment by the CIA, despite the fact that he was initially cooperative while in U.S. military custody. In September 2005, the CIA and the Department of Defense signed a Memorandum of Understanding which allowed al-Iraqi to be transferred to CIA custody. While in CIA custody, he was subjected to nudity, slaps, walling, stress positionswater dousing with cold water, and sleep deprivation, including while standing so that his legs became swollen. He experienced edema on his head due to walling.

A draft Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) prepared by the CIA, reported that despite his treatment, al-Iraqi produced almost no information. After reviewing the draft, “one of the interrogators involved in Abu Ja'far al-Iraqi's interrogation wrote, ‘If we allow the Director to give this PDB, as it is written, to the President, I would imagine the President would say, “You asked me to risk my presidency on your integrations, and now you give me this that implies the integrations are not working. Why do we bother?” We think the tone of the PDB should be tweaked.’” The statement was later removed from the Presidential Daily Brief.