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Senate Report on CIA Torture

Camp Lemonier Plot

The Camp Lemonier plot was an al Qaeda East Africa plot to attack the U.S. military base, Camp Lemonier, in Djibouti. The CIA claimed that it successfully discovered and thwarted this plot after interrogating an al Qaeda operative, Gouled Hassan Douraf. In his September 2006 speech, President Bush stated that the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program “provided information that helped stop the planned strike on U.S. Marines at Camp Lemonier in Djibouti.” The CIA also made these claims in a briefing for chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, John Murtha, and in an Office of the Director of National Intelligence public release. These representations were inaccurate. It is unclear whether or not President Bush knew it, but “the CIA was aware of and reported on the terrorist threat to Camp Lemonier prior to receiving any information from CIA detainees.” In fact, Gouled Hasan Douraf “was not subjected to the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques,” and while he did provide key information about a plot, “[n]either the detention of Guleed, nor the information he provided, thwarted terrorist plotting against Camp Lemonier; and CIA records indicate that attack planning against Camp Lemonier continued well after Guleed’s capture,” into 2007. The CIA was also “in possession of substantial threat reporting demonstrating that Camp Lemonier was being targeted … prior to the detention of Guleed.”