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Senate Report on CIA Torture

Capture of Ramzi bin al-Shibh

In his September 6, 2006 speech, President Bush claimed enhanced interrogation techniques used on Abu Zubaydah had elicited information that “helped lead to the capture of [Ramzi] bin al-Shibh.” This speech “was based on CIA information and vetted by the CIA.” On February 17, 2007, “the deputy chief of the [redacted] Department in CTC (the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center) … testified to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that Abu Zubaydah ‘led us to Ramzi bin- al-Shibh, who in kind of [sic] started the chain of events’ that led to the capture of KSM.’” Defending President Bush’s 2006 speech, a chief in the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center wrote that “we knew Ramzi bin al-Shibh was involved in 9/11 attacks before [Zubaydah] was captured; however; [Zubaydah] gave us information on his recent activities that – when added into other information – helped us track him.”

However, CIA records indicate that “Ramzi bin al-Shibh was captured unexpectedly during raids in Pakistan on September 11, 2002, targeting Hassan Ghul.” Zubaydah provided no information regarding bin al-Shibh’s whereabouts. While the CIA described the information Zubaydah provided on bin al-Shibh under enhanced interrogation techniques as “significant new details,” this was actually “similar to information Abu Zubaydah provided prior to the application of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques, or was otherwise already known to the CIA.” For example, prior to spending 47 consecutive days in complete isolation during June and July of 2002, Zubaydah provided unsolicited information to the FBI about al-Shibh’s appearance, where he stayed, and his association with KSM.

Zubaydah had previously confirmed that Hassan Ghul was a high-level al Qaeda facilitator prior to the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Zubaydah provided corroborative new information when subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques only after he was asked for the first time about how to find Ghul. Zubaydah named an associate of Ghul, of whom the CIA and Pakistani authorities were already aware. When Pakistani authorities interviewed Ghul’s associate, he “was cooperative and told the Pakistani authorities where Hassan Ghul’s last apartment was located.” On September 11, 2002, Pakistani raids in Karachi in connection with the search for Ghul “resulted in the arrest of 11 individuals, including Ramzi bin al-Shibh.”