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Senate Report on CIA Torture

Jaffar al-Tayyar Capture

The CIA repeatedly claimed that information from the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) led to the FBI investigation of operative Jaffar al-Tayyar and prompted him to flee the United States. However, “KSM was captured on March 1, 2003” and “Jaffar al-Tayyar departed the United States in May 2001.” Furthermore, the Intelligence Community was already interested in al-Tayyar before Zubaydah was detained, and “Zubaydah provided a description and information on a KSM associate named Jaffar al-Tayyar to FBI special agents in May 2002,” before the CIA subjected him to torture or cruel treatment.

Additionally, “CIA records indicate that KSM did not identify al-Tayyar’s true name,” rather, “it was Jose Padilla – in military custody and being questioned by the FBI – who provided al-Tayyar’s true name.” CIA personnel also “distrusted KSM’s reporting on Jaffar al-Tayyar – stating that KSM fabricated information and had inserted al-Tayyar ‘into practically every story, each time with a different role.’” For example, KSM provided the wrong name for al-Tayyar’s father and said that al-Tayyar was involved in numerous terrorist plots, “that were deemed not to be credible by CIA personnel.” One CIA official pointed out the fact that KSM seemed to be lying repeatedly about al-Tayyar after being subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques, suggesting that the techniques did not work, and the CIA should be suspicious of whatever KSM said.