Senate Report on CIA Torture


The CIA “routinely subjected detainees to nudity,” either fully or partially, and often with the detainees’ arms shackled above their head. Nudity was often combined with cold temperatures and cold showersGul Rahman died of what a CIA review and autopsy determined was “likely hypothermia” after being shackled in a position that required him to rest on a concrete floor overnight. Rahman was “wearing only a sweatshirt” and “nude from the waist down” after a CIA officer “ordered that Rahman’s clothing be removed when he had been judged to be uncooperative during an earlier interrogation.” Abu Zubaydah was “typically kept naked” “but given a towel to cover himself when interrogated.” Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri was also kept nude during interrogations and “at times ‘put in the standing position, handcuffed and shackled.’” Al-Nashiri was also “subjected to unapproved nudity.” The interrogation plan for Ramzi bin al-Shibh called for “immediate use of nudity.” Based on this plan, “at least six detainees were stripped and shacked nude…prior to being questioned by an interrogator” and five were “shackled naked in the standing position with their hands above their head immediately after their medical check.” Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, Majid Kahn, Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman (also known as Asadullah), Bashir Nasri Ali al-Marwalah, Walid bin Attash (referred to as Khallad bin Attash in the report), Abu Ja’far al-Iraqi, and Janat Gul were all subjected to forced nudity. During a briefing by James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, Condoleezza Rice “expressed her concern about the use of nudity” (among other interrogation tactics) for Muhammad Rahim and “indicated that she would not concur with an interrogation program that included nudity.” Detainees at Detention Site Cobalt “were walked around nude by guards.”