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Senate Report on CIA Torture

Uzhair and Saifullah Paracha Capture

The CIA represented that its interrogation program led to the arrest of Uzhair Paracha and his father Saifullah Paracha (pictured), and provided information on a plot to smuggle explosives into the United States that involved the Parachas. However, “the plotting was denied by the supposed participants, and… at least one senior CIA counterterrorism official questioned the plausibility of the explosives smuggling plot given the relative ease of acquiring explosive material in the United States.” Nonetheless, the CIA told the Office of the Inspector General that the use of torture and cruel treatment, including waterboarding, was important in stopping this plot, and that the interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) led to its discovery. The CIA also included this information in a presentation to National Security Council principals, including Vice President Cheney.

In fact, “prior to KSM’s reporting, the Intelligence Community had already collected and acted upon significant information related to the Paracha family’s connections to al-Qa’ida.” Information on Saifullah Paracha was gathered largely in 2002, mainly from documents discovered in various raids in Pakistan and through FBI investigations. In addition to investigating a New York business associated with Saifullah Paracha, the FBI found that he was linked to Iyman FarisMajid Khan also provided information on the Parachas when he was in foreign government custody. This all occurred before KSM was captured in March 2003. Only when confronted with details from Majid Khan’s interrogation did KSM provide any information on the Parachas, and even then it was mostly to corroborate what Khan had said and to provide information on an explosives plot. When captured, Saifullah Paracha denied the existence of the plot.