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Senate Report on CIA Torture

Vice President Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney remains one of the champions of the torture program. Following a July 2003 presentation that “included a list of the CIA’s standard and enhanced interrogation techniques," “Vice President Cheney stated, and National Security Advisor Rice agreed, that the CIA was executing Administration policy in carrying out its interrogation program.” In 2002, after the CIA learned that a major newspaper knew of Abu Zubaydah’s location, “senior CIA officials, as well as Vice President Cheney, urged the newspaper not to publish the information.

Cheney, however, was also frequently misled about the program’s success. In various briefings, Cheney was told that "'major threats were countered and attacks averted' because of the use of the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques;" that “the CIA interrogation program ‘had produced significant intelligence information that had, in the view of CIA professionals, saved lives;’” that termination of the program would “result in loss of life;” that “prior to the use of enhanced measures against skilled resistors [sic] like KSM and Abu Zubaydah—the two most prolific intelligence producers in [CIA] control—[the CIA would have] acquired little threat information or significant actionable intelligence;” and that intelligence gained through the program disrupted terrorist plots. In 2005, Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Jay Rockefeller called for “a broad Committee investigation of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program […] in a letter to Vice President Cheney,” but “[t]here is no Committee record of a response to the letter.”