Senate Report on CIA Torture


“Walling” is described in a 2005 CIA memorandum: “The interrogator pulls the detainee towards him and then quickly slams the detainee against [a] false wall.” The false wall was intended “to help avoid whiplash or similar injury.” Despite the requirement to use a false wall, Abu Zubaydah was first slammed against a concrete wall. An email with the sender and receiver redacted states that “[f]or the record, a plywood ‘wall’ was immediately constructed at the site after the walling on the concrete wall.” Abu Ja’far al-Iraqiexperienced an edema on his head due to walling.” Abu Hazim and Abd al-Karim, two detainees who had broken feet, were both subjected to walling, “[w]ithout approval from CIA headquarters” and contrary to CIA cables, which “stated that the interrogators would ‘forego cramped confinement, stress positions, walling, and vertical shackling (due to [the detainees’] injury).” Walling was also used on Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, Ramzi bin al-Shibh, and Janat Gul