Senate Report on CIA Torture

Water Dousing

Water dousing was not designated by the CIA as a “standard” interrogation technique until June 2003. In January 2004 water dousing was re-categorized by the CIA as an “enhanced” interrogation technique. In practice, waterboarding and water dousing were very similar. Water dousing, also sometimes referred to as "bathing," involved pouring cold water over detainees or submerging them in an ice bath. “At DETENTION SITE COBALT, detainees were often held down, naked, on a tarp on the floor, with the tarp pulled up around them to form a makeshift tub, while cold or refrigerated water was poured on them." On occasion, water was also poured over the nose and mouth of the detainee in order to simulate a drowning sensation, similar to waterboarding. The main difference is that waterboarding requires the detainees to lie flat on a board, whereas "water dousing" could be conducted anywhere; though the some detainees subjected to water dousing were also possibly lying on a board.