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Top Resources on the SSCI Torture Report

The long-awaited Senate Select Committe on Intelligence (SSCI) report investigating the post-9/11 CIA torture program was released. The report is the culmination of a six-year effort to document and analyze the agency’s torture program. It revealed that interrogations in the program were more cruel and widespread than originally thought, and less effective at gathering useful intelligence that proponents of so-called “enhanced interrogation” claim.

Below is a selected list of essential resources on the report.

National Security Experts Against Torture | Human Rights First Experts on Release of Torture ReportStatements | Fact Sheets | Transcripts | Commentary


National Security Experts Against Torture 

ABC News: Pay and Suffering: Psychologists Made $80M From CIA Interrogation Program (December 2014)

AFP: Activists fear torture report may hurt work on human rights (December 2014)

Al Jazeera America, America Tonight: Col. Steve Kleinman on Al Jazeera America (December 2014)

Bloomberg: Prosecutors Reject Calls for Changes Over CIA Interrogation (December 2014)

Christian Science Monitor: Will growing consensus that torture is 'morally repugnant' lead to action? (December 2014)

CNN: Mark Fallon on American Morning on CNN (December 2014)

CNN: Glenn Carle on American Morning CNN (December 2014)

CNN: Col. Steve Kleinman on CNN (December 2014)

CNN: Mark Fallon on CNN Newsroom (December 2014)

CNN: State of the Union with Steve Kleinman (December 2014)

CNNi: CIA Torture Report (December 2014)

The Guardian: US Report on ‘enhanced interrogation’ concludes: torture doesn’t work (December 2014)

The Hill: Former ambassador US protected following Senate Report (December 2014)

International Business Times: CIA shielded from damning report on interrogation methods (December 2014)

International Business Times: Who Are Jim Mitchell and Bruce Jessen? CIA Torture Psychologists Were Experts in Communist Chinese Interrogation (December 2014)

International Business Times: CIA Torture Program Should Have Been Shut Down By Department Of Justice, Former Navy Top Lawyer Claims (December 2014) 

Los Angeles Times: Two psychologists' role in CIA torture program comes into focus (December 2014)

McClatchy: CIA’s torture experts got millions, face new scrutiny (December 2014)

Miami Herald: Our nation, CIA ‘ran off the tracks’ (December 2014) Senate’s Torture Report Details CIA’s brutal Methods, Blasts Cover-Up (December 2014)

Morning Edition: Report Reveals Deeply Misguided Interrogation Tactics, Feinstein Says (December 2014)

MSNBC: Alberto Mora on MSNBC Politics Nation (December 2014)

MSNBC: Mark Fallon on MSNBC Politics Nation (December 2014)

MSNBC: Sen. Angus King on Morning Joe Speaks about Mark Fallon (December 2014)

Newsweek: Former U.S. Spy Officials Divided on Merit of ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” (December 2014)

New York Times: Architects of CIA Interrogation Drew on Psychology to Induce ‘Helplessness’ (December 2014)

New York Times: Celebrate the Ones Who Stood Up for What Was Right (December 2014)

New York Times: The War Hero and the Chicken Hawk (December 2014)

New York Times: Brennan Draws on Bond With Obama in Backing CIA (December 2014)

NPR: Should the Senate Intelligence Committee release its CIA interrogation report? (December 2014)

NPR: Even if Torture Doesn't Work in the Real World, TV Has Us Convinced it Does (December 2014)

On Point: What the Senate ‘Torture Report’ Means (December 2014)

Politico: The CIA Book I Wish I'd Written (December 2014)

Reuters: Prosecutions for CIA torture still seem unlikely after Senate report (December 2014)

Telesur: Director de la CIA justificó prácticas de tortura (December 2014)

Washington Times: Dick Cheney slammed as ‘war criminal’ by POLITICO editor (December 2014)

Weekend Edition: Two Views of the CIA's 'Endanced' Interrogations (December 2014)

Boston Globe: Torture is wrong (October 2014)

CNN: Time for U.S. to Ban Use of Torture (September 2014)

New York Times: Stop the C.I.A. Spin on the Senate Torture Report (August 2014)

Chicago Tribune: Come clean on torture by the military and CIA (August 2014)

Defense One: Yet Again, CIA is Concealing Information Americans Should See (August 2014)

Miami Herald: Declassify the torture report (March 2014)

Politico: Declassify the Senate Torture Report (November 2013)

Virginian Pilot: Release U.S. Senate report on torture  (June 2013)

Bangor Daily News: Two retired generals ask Collins, King to release report on torture (May 2013)

Sacramento Bee: Public deserves to see Senate’s report on torture (May 2013)

The Hill: It’s time for the truth on ‘enhanced interrogation’ (May 2013)

The Hill: Senate Intelligence report on interrogations should be made public (January 2013)

Seattle Times: Torture interrogations do not work (January 2013)

Human Rights First Experts on the Release of the Torture Report 

Al Jazeera America, Consider This (December 2014): Does Releasing CIA Torture Report Endanger Americans?

Bloomberg (December 2014): CIA Torture Report May Set Off Global Prosecutions

Boston Herald (December 2014): Atkins: John Kerry, President Obama spar over release of CIA torture report

Christian Science Monitor (December 2014): Will growing consensus that torture is 'morally repugnant' lead to action?

The Hill (December 2014): What it took to make the torture report public

IPS (December 2014): Release of Senate Torture Report Insufficient, Say Rights Groups

McClatchy (December 2014): CIA’s torture experts got millions, face new scrutiny

MSNBC (December 2014): Prosecutions, pardons, or passing laws? Human Rights advocates respond to torture report

Politico (December 2014): John Brennan’s zigzag on torture

The Takeaway (December 2014): CIA Torture: An International Warcrime?

Think Progress (December 2014): Horrors of Torture Report Could Mean International Legal Cases Against Participants

To the Point (December 2014): Senate Releases Its Report on the CIA Torture Program 

USA Today (December 2014): Justice Department will not reopen torture inquiry

US News & World Report (December 2014): Senate Releases Highly Anticipated CIA ‘Torture Report’

Voice of America (December 2014): CIA Torture Report Provokes Calls for Prosecution  


Statement of National Security, Intelligence, and Interrogation Professionals (October 2014)

Interrogator Letter to President on SSCI Declassification (August 2014)

Letter from Retired Military Leaders Urging Obama to Declassify Senate Torture Report (May 2014)

Coalition Letter Urging President Obama to Lead the Declassification Process of the SSCI Torture Report (March 2014)

Retired Admirals and Generals Urge Senators Feinstein and Chambliss to Release the Torture Report (March 2014)

Letter from Interrogators: Release the SSCI Report (February 2014)

Fact Sheets 

The Senate Report on CIA Torture – The Basic Facts (August 2014)

Senate Report on CIA Torture: Frequently Asked Questions (December 2014)

Supporters of Declassifying the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report on the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program (March 2014)


Senate Intelligence Committee CIA Torture Report Media Telebriefing (August 2014)

Senate Intelligence Committee CIA Torture Report Media Telebriefing (April 2014)


The Hill (December 2014): What it took to make the torture report public

Fox News (December 2014): Why CIA interrogations report matters: Torture doesn’t work and Americans need to know

MSNBC (December 2014): America must never torture again

Politico (December 2014): Dick Cheney Was Lying About Torture

USA Today (December 2014): Torture a frontal assault on our values

The Hill (August 2014): Senate Report Will Set the Record Straight on Torture 

The Hill (April 2014): Shine a light on the torture program