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Among human rights groups in the United States, we’ve led the effort to ensure that the U.S. government makes antisemitism and extremism a foreign policy priority. Our emphasis is on Europe, where hate crime against Jews and other minorities is alarmingly prevalent and increasing in some areas. We urge the U.S. government to work with its European allies to institute laws and practices to combat this problem. Photo: AP.

Autocratic leaders are gaining power around the world while many rights-respecting democracies are backsliding. To counter this trend, we are working to ensure that American and foreign institutions remain accountable to their human rights obligation and uphold the rule of law.

Since the beginning of the democratic uprising in Bahrain in 2011, the U.S. government has failed to stand behind peaceful human rights activists as they face a brutal crackdown. We amplify the voices of Bahraini activists to give them a measure of protection, and we work alongside as we press the U.S. government to support their cause. 

Republicans and Democrats, religious groups and civil liberties groups, military officers and peace activists, prosecutors and defense attorneys: we’ve worked with all of them at key moments to forge progress and to advance our long-term project of building a broad pro-human rights constituency in the United States. Learn about our coalition of retired military leaders.

After 9-11, Congress authorized military force against those responsible. But the war morphed into an ever-expanding conflict that has enabled human rights abuses. Torture, indefinite detention, unjust military commissions, and legally dubious drone strikes threaten national security as terrorists use them to win supporters and U.S. credibility crumbles. American ideals are a national security asset: the U.S. government best protects Americans when it protects human rights. It’s time to protect national security and fight terrorism in a smart, tailored, rights-respecting way.

Due process refers to a fair judicial process, which includes a fair trial, qualified legal representation, and the ability to appeal. We’ve championed the right of due process for activists opposing repressive regimes, and we’ve also led the battle against the military tribunals at Gitmo, which undermine due process. Photo: AP.

The overthrow of President Mubarak in 2011 offered the U.S. government a chance to reshape its policy toward Egypt and finally support human rights. Yet U.S. backing for democratic reforms has been halting. Drawing on years of experience working in Egypt, we’re pressing the U.S. government to once and for all place human rights at the heart of this key bilateral relationship. Photo: AP.