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Islamophobia: Learn More and What You Can Do

Islamophobia is an unfounded fear and hostility toward Islam and Muslims that results in discrimination, bias, marginalization, and, at times, violence.[1]

Islamophobia in the United States has risen since September 11, 2001, most recently spiking in Fall 2015, in wake of a deepening refugee crisis and a series of terrorist attacks by ISIS extremists. Violence against Muslims, especially young Muslim men, rose to their highest levels since 9/11. Some U.S. politicians have called for extreme and xenophobic policies such as patrolling Muslim neighborhoods, shutting down mosques, or banning Muslims from entering the United States entirely.

Such policies and rhetoric are blatantly un-American. Our country stands for liberty, freedom, and individual merit. We undermine our values when we engage in discrimination against our fellow Americans, and against any persons for their faith.

Here are five things you can do right now to help counter Islamophobia:

  • Download our Factsheet on Islamophobia, and visit our Resource page, to learn more about Islamophobia in America.

  • Take action. Sign our letter calling on politicians, and the incoming administration, to respect the lives and freedoms of our Muslim citizens and allies.

  • Speak out against Islamophobia when you encounter it. Ask your political representatives to reject anti-Muslim policies and hold them accountable when they use Islamophobic rhetoric.

  • Get to know your Muslim American neighbors.

  • Veterans, explore our site to learn how other veterans and senior military leaders are standing up with us against anti-Muslim bigotry, in the name of American values, national security, and a common humanity. Sign-up at to join in raising your voice against anti-Muslim policies and rhetoric.

[1] Islamophobia: Understanding Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the West. Gallup.