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Refugees Renew America

The United States is a nation of immigrants and refugees. People fleeing violence and persecution come to America because it stands as a beacon of hope and freedom to the world. The United States has a proud, bipartisan tradition of leading the global effort to protect refugees. Refugees not only enrich our society, but resettling the most vulnerable among them safeguards our national security.


Refugees Strengthen America

Resettling refugees strengthens our national security by supporting our allies and counteracting extremists’ narrative. Refugees undergo extensive screening and are the most vetted people allowed to stay in the United States.

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Refugees Enrich America

Refugees enrich American culture with unique skills and determination. They give back to their communities as artists, athletes, community leaders, business leaders, and more.

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Refugees Define America

The United States has a long, bipartisan history of supporting refugee protection as an American ideal. From our founding to today, refugees have shaped and enhanced our country.

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